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Components offered by XtraComponents 'company' are based on stolen code: The Evidence


Most components displayed at XtraComponents website are in fact based on code stolen from Rebex. They differ in namespace, class and method names (to masquarade the similarity), but are otherwise identical internally. The Following table summarizes the details:

XtraComponents's name Original Vendor Contains code from
XtraFtp Suite Rebex Rebex File Transfer Pack
Xtra Ftp Rebex Rebex FTP
Xtra SFTP Rebex Rebex SFTP
Xtra SSH Scp Rebex Parts of Rebex SFTP
XtraProxy Rebex Uses code from Rebex.Net.ProxySocket which is a part of most Rebex components. E.g. Rebex POP3 or Rebex FTP.

Identical design and product logos at XtraComponents and ComponentForge websites:

Links between XtraComponents, ComponentForge and Safabyte

XtraComponent is just another incarnation of the criminal group known as ComponentForge or Safabyte. For details of their scam under their previous names, see the page with evidence.

Links bindings XtraComponents and previous scam brands.

  • ComponentForge domain WHOIS from 2010-MAR-24 displays:
    Forge, Component
    107 Duc Giang Long Bien
    Ha Noi, None 68106

  • domain WHOIS from 2010-JAN-09 displays:
    107 Duc Giang Long Bien
    Ha Noi, None 10010
    Dang, Thang

  • More historical recors of domain:
    2009-DEC-16 - is registered to Dang Thang, BowlingGreen KY, US
    2010-JAN-28 - is registered to Dg Tg, DG street, HN, US (sic)
    2010-JAN-09 - is registered to Dang Thang, Duc Gina Long Bien, Ha Noi, VN
    2010-MAR-16 - is registered to John Smith, BW, KY, US
    Wierd, isn't it?
  • and both redirect to (Isn't it suspicious?)
  • and both run at the same server with an IP address of (Probably by the same entity).

Component history and external refrences

Rebex FTP (later extended to Rebex FTP/SSL):

Xtra FTP:

More evidence

We have much more evidence. Posting it on this website could invalidate lot of it because XtraComponents can quickly change their website, documentation, API or the copy of our code. Please contact us if you are interested in more information. See our blog for up-to-date info.


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